Pathology Test Prices Costing ModelTM

A unique product for the Pathology and Healthcare industry

How much does it cost?

Purchase options
There are several packages available including:
Clinical Pathology full profile
8 costing model modules for £1399
Blood transfusion

Clinical Pathology part profile
5 costing model modules for £999

Radiology profile
1 costing model module for £249

Genetics profile
1 costing model module for £249

Food, Dairy and Water Microbiology profile
3 costing model modules for £599

Food Microbiology
Dairy Microbiology
Water Microbiology

Single Module
Any 1 costing model module from the lists above for £249  

Contents of each module

Each costing model module includes:

1) a standard pre loaded workbook available on CD with FREE replacements

2) a comprehensive fully illustrated User Manual provided in hard copy and on CD

3) a Software User Licence granting permission to use the product
4) unlimited FREE e-support

Fully loaded option

For £600 per module our experts provide fully populated costing models using your data that takes the work away from your and your team.  You provide data on your tests and we create the model for you.  The fully loaded option will provide you with:

1) a fully working costing model that instantly gives you test prices and performance indicators

2) FREE unlimited support for up to 12 months during the project

3) unlimited bespoke adjustments to your models

4) unique costing models created for your own organisations

5) “smart analysis” tools that allow any combination of allocating data to test prices, for example fractions of staff, staff involved to small ranges of tests, cross discipline costs etc

These fully loaded projects can be completed as swiftly as you want and provide you with a clear schedule of works, draft costing models that are issued at each stage of the build and clear instructions on how the models operate.  Once you are content with your completed costing model the project is formally closed and we offer FREE support until the original 12 months project timeframe has ended.