Pathology Test Prices Costing ModelTM

A unique product for the Pathology and Healthcare industry

Who are RLK Associates?

RLK Associates is owned by Kurt Djemal, a Pathology professional who started in the industry in 1988.  The company employs healthcare professionals each with a proven track record of developing and implementing tools that allow Pathology to measure and analyse complex issues. Such issues include cost analyses, workforce and workload indicators, trend analyses, as well scorecard and dashboard diagnostics.  During the development of our products we call upon the experience of laboratories to perform rigorous testing before any official launch into the marketplace.  Our expanding team has input from experienced scientific staff currently working in healthcare.  There are representatives from all Pathology disciplines enabling any development to receive the correct scrutiny and evaluation before being issued for road-testing and then marketing.  Our firm develops and provides specialised documentation and software for Pathology encouraging standardisation of accreditation, measuring quality indicators and performing financial analyses.  

We also provide training to use our products and work with organisations to develop bespoke tools to meet specific requirements.

Our goal is to get you implementing and using our tools as standard industry tools for Pathology. Our work is grounded in real business issues that proactively seek to develop the Pathology modernisation agenda to produce tangible, bottom line outcomes. We use the context of your business to develop the strategies and behaviours necessary for success in today's market driven Pathology climate.